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How Secure Are Your RDS Servers?

To fight today’s sophisticated threats, organizations must adopt an integrated security strategy that uses best practice technologies applied across the attack cycle and throughout the organization.

RDS and TSE systems have long been favorite targets of hackers because they have access to valuable information and they are relatively easy to exploit. A successful attack can result in a variety of devastating consequences including financial loss, damage to brand reputation, and loss of customer trust.

TSplus Advanced Security consists of a robust and integrated set of security features to shield and protect your TSplus server against these Remote Desktop attacks.

It is the “must-have” package for securing large environments, running on Servers with multiple connections. Once a measure is set, all users benefit from it.

TSplus Advanced Security is the best companion tool for your TSplus Server: it responds to the latest RDP targeted attacks, continually improves an organization’s security posture and reduces the time spent managing IT security.

Full Remote Desktop Protection Manageable per User

TSplus Advanced Security is a powerful tool designed to secure remote desktop, monitor login failures, block prohibited or suspicious IPs and prevent unauthorized actions from malicious users.

The companion tool exists in two Editions:

  • TSplus Advanced Security – Essentials is the fundamental package to keep your Remote Desktop connection safe, with four protective measures. It is the low-cost security solution you can even apply to all W7/W10 Pro RDP accesses.
  • TSplus Advanced Security – Ultimate Protection is the security tool every Windows Server administrator “Must Has”:  it provides seven powerful features you need to effectively protect your users’ environments and prohibit malicious actions.


1.     Prevent: Act on known RDP threats

The most efficient way to immediately block a variety of known RDP threats without impacting network and Windows system performances is to use TSplus Advanced Security. 

Minimizing the attack surface with carefully controlled access is also an important part of the first line of defense. Control Who can access to What, and When.

  • Lock your TSplus Server at Night = Time access restriction. When the offices are closed, so are the computers!
  • Prevent foreign attacks = Geo-restriction. Eliminate the risk of being spied by a foreign nation, limit the connection to the countries where you have your servers and offices located. Forbid dangerous geographic areas to access you sensitive data.
Included ONLY in Ultimate Protection Edition:
  • Keep your Users in a Safe Environment = One Click to Secure Desktop. Enforce the Kiosk Mode in few minutes!
  • Inspect and Manage users privileges = Permissions. To set files access rights in one click!
  • Limit Access per Device = End Point Protection. Allow connections only from the recorded devices.

2.     Detect: Identify RDP threats

Zero day attacks and sophisticated threats are often engineered to evade traditional security solutions. Advanced threat detection technologies must be added to automatically detect previously unknown threats and create actionable threat intelligence. TSplus Advanced Security  focuses in particular on RDP items in a secure, instrumented environment to see how they behave, in order to turn the RDS risks into the safe.

  • Event’s Viewer = Check the Defensive Job in Real-time. Every blocked attempt and action taken is automatically listed in the “Security Event Log”, accessible from the main dashboard.
  • Permissions = See users’ files access rights at one sight and quickly spot dangerous situations.
  • Global IP Management = Easily manage IP addresses from one place with a single list for both blocked and whitelisted IP addresses. This means that all IPs detected by Homeland and BruteForce protections are centralized here to check, edit, add or remove.

3.     Defend: Respond to Remote Desktop attacks

Once a new threat is identified, it needs to be immediately mitigated. This can be handled automatically using TSplus Advanced Security direct intelligence sharing between detection and prevention features. Prohibited access will be detected and automatically logged out from your TSplus server.

  • Block Brute-Force attacks = RDP Defender. Any malicious attempt to connect to your TSplus server will be recorded and the corresponding IP will be black-listed after several fails, until you decide to white-list it.
Included ONLY in Ultimate Protection Edition:
  • Stop Ransomware Attacks = Early Detection of Ransomware Action and Interruption of Data Encrypting. Be instantly aware when a ransomware is active on your system. Get the list of the infected items and easily quarantine them. Learn where the attack started and how to avoid this issue in the future.
event log - TSplus Advanced Security
ransomware - TSplus Advanced Security

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Secure your TSplus Server

TSplus Advanced Security is available in two major editions: Security Essentials and Ultimate Protection.

When the Essentials edition provides you with three must have protective measures, the Ultimate Protection offers all you need to keep your RDS fully secure.