The Easiest Remote Desktop Reporting Solution

Server Genius is a powerful tool unique for its solution: it is designed especially for TSplus, and allows monitoring of several servers from a central place, with a single license!

With this application, Administrators can easily manage their servers’ environment from one single place and prevent any upcoming issues.

Server Genius is easy to install, use and maintain

  • 30 seconds setup Guarantee.
  • No complex reports designer.
  • No long days required to setup complex reports.
  • Monitor multiple servers on one interface.


Get a clear understanding of your server’s environment

Server Genius checks in real-time the CPU, memory, network performances, storage status and all important parameters allowing to anticipate any critical issue with the remote servers. For example, a defect could occur with memory size, bandwidth consumption or one specific application usage.

With Users’ Activity and Running Applications reports, Server Genius helps you discovering quick-wins such as unexpected usage spikes, and planning on the long-term your IT infrastructure evolution to optimize your software resources and reduce unnecessary costs.

This information is then compiled into compressed and scaled analytics for an easy understanding.

performance report 3 768x723 - TSplus Monitoring: Server Genius
Overview 1 1024x859 - TSplus Monitoring: Server Genius
applications elapsedtimeperuser 768x690 - TSplus Monitoring: Server Genius

Ensure Optimal Website Performance

Server Genius installed on your Web Server gives you precise information about your domain validity and your website speed, providing you with the keys to anticipate any failure and avoid dramatic incident for your business.

It’s the best monitoring tool for maintening your website(s) operational at all times. 

alerts server downtime 1024x550 - TSplus Monitoring: Server Genius

A central panel that Provides a global vision of your Production Environment.

Server Genius gives the ability to follow-up servers AND websites at the same time, and get all the reports, centralized into the Server Genius Web interface.

With a glance at the Dashboard tile which is automatically refreshed, Administrators can quickly and easily check the situation of all monitored servers and take action if necessary.

With Server Genius, Administrators can easily manage their remote server environment and websites performance from one interface, helping to prevent any possible issues.

performance 1080x675 1 1 - TSplus Monitoring: Server Genius

Receive Real-Time Alerts

These reports are sent to Administrators in real-time via emails or through browser pop-up notifications for the quickest responsiveness.

The data can also be consulted via the Server Genius web interface, which offers complete reports in a simple and intuitive format.

It gives a complete overview of the server’s activity and is accessible even from tablets and smartphones.

dashboard autorefresh 1024x490 - TSplus Monitoring: Server Genius

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It is now so easy to equip TSplus RDS Servers with the right monitoring tool!

Receive real-time, customizable alerts in your mailbox and stay up-to-date on the status of your TSplus servers.