Keep Your TSplus Server Secure

In today’s connected world, it becomes mandatory to own the proper tools to manage TSE/RDS/Citrix servers. With the emergence of Internet communications, anyone can publish Windows applications and Remote Desktops to share legacy resources throughout the world via the web. Cloud computing and mobile access is the next step in the upcoming world. In the meantime, the threats are growing, both in number and sophistication.

That is why Cyber security – protecting business, supplier and customer data from nasty and damaging digital intruders –  should now be a high priority for every organization.

Your users all benefit from Remote Desktop services to connect and to work. RDP is a great tool to establish multiple connections to a system from a centralized location. But just like anything else, if the connections and software aren’t secure, you are putting your company at risk. It is perilous to both your users, and your information.

Attackers of all kinds with malicious intent threaten your Windows application and data bases whether you know it or not. And a breach in Remote Desktop security can easily have massive and destructive consequences to a business; an attack could ultimately cause business failure.

With everything at stake, protecting your servers is not an option, it is mandatory.

As Windows infrastructures grow and evolve, it gets more and more difficult for security experts to see all the endpoints in their architecture. And you need to know your Remote Desktop vulnerabilities to mitigate your risk. But most solutions are complex, sophisticated and time consuming for everyone involved…

TSplus Advanced Security is not.

See more, secure more.

In minutes you will prevent foreign attacks from opening a session, avoid brute force attacks on your server, restrict access by time, and provide the best security for your users environment.

Discover the Easiest and Powerful Security Tool to Protect RDS Servers

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TSplus has developed this great add-on that relies on a multi-layer, pro-active security approach, broken down into three phases —Prevent, Detect, and Respond.

The TSplus’ 360 degrees approach to security combines advanced technology, the latest lessons and insights our elite team of Remote Desktop specialists bring back from real-world missions to protect your TSplus servers with six majors features:

  • Geo-restriction: prevent foreign attackers to open a session.
  • Time-based control access: prohibit users to connect at night.
  • Defender: avoid brute-force attacks.
  • Permissions: check or/and edit users privileges in one click!
  • Ransomware protection: detects attacks and stops data encryption
  • One Click to Secure Desktop: lock your users’ environment in a snap
  • End Point Protection: control which device is allowed to connect

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TSplus Advanced Security - Ultimate Protection

TSplus Advanced Security is the optimal solution for the detection challenge, enabling rapid response and forensics.

TSplus stressed security fundamentals to keep remote access usage in a safe zone and restricting user rights within each session environment.

TSplus Advanced Security is available in two major editions: Essentials and Ultimate.