Monitor Remote Sessions at a glance and troubleshoot damaging issues faster!

Without the ability to follow-up servers and licenses usage, companies will miss the opportunity to optimize software resources and reduce unnecessary costs.

Without the ability to monitor user activity in real-time, companies will continue to suffer from undetected user-based threats for extended periods of time.

Without the ability to monitor websites health in real time, companies will continue to face unexpected and costly incidents.

  • Prevent abnormal or suspicious user activity while saving your company money: start  monitoring your applications licensed “by users” and detecting over-licensed applications or even unused software.
  • Anticipate and avoid any website failure by getting information on time:  start watching your websites operations, checking your webpages loading-time, and comparing its performance increase over the time.

Server Genius is a unique add-on solution developed by TSplus, providing monitoring and reporting for RDS.

Server Genius is the efficient and scalable tool for RDS Administrators who need to get precise and real-time follow-up of their network’ situation.

Installed on your Servers, it captures all data and provides analytics about users activity and applications used on a TSplus remote session, as well on your website if you chose this option. That means that for an organization that has its headquarters in the US, but also activities in Europe and China, Server Genius makes it super easy to check everything in a snap. With one click, the Administrator can add his website hosted in Hong Kong; with another click, the one hosted in Dublin, and access all data gathered on the main dashboard from the “Server Management” tab.

Plus, it gathers all useful and important stats regarding bandwidth consumption, network performance, applications usage and user behavior to compile it into optimized analytics. These reports are sent to Administrators in real-time by emails or browser pop-ups for an optimal responsiveness.

It is the “must-have” tool for RDS Administrators seeking for a clear and reliable reporting of their Servers’ environment.

servers management - Solution Server Monitoring

The result is a complete solution for identifying and managing user-based risks:

  • Track and audit Remote Desktop accesses
  • Watch your website health, performance and response
  • Monitor employee activity on Remote Desktop Servers
  • Check whether remote users are actively working
  • Monitor sessions running via RDP
  • Check users’ time spent on the system via the RDP
  • Gets real-time alerts and give immediate response to the threat

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