Transform any underpowered legacy device into a full workstation —available at employees' fingertips.

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Personalized and flexible Web Access to your business resources

TSplus Remote Web Portal enables web access to applications, data, and desktops from any HTML5 browser on a desktop or mobile device, anywhere. Keep employees’ productivity high by providing the same workspace experience no matter the device they use.

Set up immediate web access with one click, allowing employees to work productively on remote resources such as desktops, applications, and data.

TSplus publishes applications, desktops, and files from a central server, Cloud VPS or farm of servers and makes them available to employees on any device, using TSplus App or via TSplus HTML5 Client.

Easy to Use, Flexible, and Secure

TSplus is a comprehensive virtual application and desktop delivery solution that allows your employees to access and use applications and data from any device. Seamless and easy to deploy, configure, and maintain, TSplus is the perfect alternative and low cost solution for Microsoft RDS and Citrix.

TSplus solutions offer outstanding benefits to organizations, including improved security, centralized desktop/application management, and reduced IT overhead. TSplus makes remote access quick, easy, and affordable. It enables organizations to deliver fully functioning virtual Windows desktops and applications that employees need.

TSplus allows users to be productive anywhere by providing a Windows desktop – like experience on any device. TSplus adds significant enhancements to the Windows capabilities, now supporting even Smartphone and Tablets.

Keep your employees motivated

TSplus brings more flexibility to your workforce, creating a virtual workspace model by providing online access to your business resources from any location, anytime.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Choose Your Own Device (CYOD), and remote working initiatives can be implemented quickly, keeping corporate data safe and increasing productivity.

TSplus helps build an innovative business culture where employees can work on their familiar devices, with no space or time restrictions.


Assigning Applications to Users or Groups

The TSplus Application Publishing helps administrators publish applications to Users or to Groups. In just few steps, administrators can quickly identify and deploy applications installed on the TSplus server. Doing so, the administrator can choose what applications will be available and presented to the administrator for easy selection.

The Application Control TSplus Wizard allows the administrators to effortlessly assign those Applications to Users or to Groups so they can start using published applications and desktops.

TSplus HTML5 Client overview

TSplus customers also have the opportunity to offer their employees seamless access to their business applications in any HTML5 – capable browser, including mobile devices.

IT administrators can personalize the TSplus HTML5 Client with their corporate branding with just a few clicks. Personalization Wizard is simple and easy to use. Customize the HTML5 Client with your corporate color scheme and logo and enable corporate branding on all HTML5 browsers. Different themes can be configured to the spirit of your company.

  • Full-screen applications: Mac and PC applications are adapted to fit the entire screen, so the applications are in fine detail, making it easier for users to interact with them.
  • Optimized screen resolution: choose either optimal readability with larger text and images, or more information with smaller text and greater detail. The TSplus HTML5 client is offering a smart display resolution supporting DPI scaling.
  • Files and folders: access centralized files and folders with ease from any device, through a secure connection that doesn’t expose your assets or intellectual property. TSplus supports users looking to work remotely.

Two Factor Authentication

By providing dynamic passcodes and multi-factor authentication, this add-on is the identity and access tool businesses need to secure their corporate network and sensitive data. The TSplus 2FA allows employees to use their mobile or other enabled device to access remote session securely and conveniently.

With a single touch users can generate dynamic and one-time number combinations to supplement static usernames and passwords with added security. It means that even if the passwords are acquired, they cannot be reused or sold.

It’s a two-step verification process:

  • User Credentials
  • Verification code sent by sms or via an authenticator App installed on the user’s mobile device

Universal Printer

TSplus HTML5 Client allows employees to immediately use any printer connected to the local machine, without hassle for them or the IT administrators.

Ready out-of-the-box and easy to use, TSplus Universal Printing increases printing performance and response time when employees use local printers with server-based desktops or virtual applications. There is no need to install local printer drivers on the server when using TSplus Universal Printing. The universal printer driver will receive any printing job, compress it, and send it back to the local device as a PDF file.

Farm Manager

The TSplus Gateway Farm Manager guides administrators to set up a farm and adding a new TSplus Application Server to the server farm is just a few easy steps. The administrator just have to add the new  TSplus Application Server using its IP address and active it.

  • Easy access

Remote applications can be started from the TSplus Application Server with the TSplus RemoteApp Client, or accessed through a TSplus Web Portal. Configurations within the TSplus RemoteApp Client can be pre-configured for users using the Portable Client Generator.

拓思TSPlus服务器/应用程序/桌面虚拟化软件手机端登录访问远程服务器 - 应用程序面板
  • Extra Security

Relying on just usernames and passwords to secure your online accounts is no longer considered safe.

TSplus 2FA drastically reduces the risk of hacks, providing strong and frictionless passwords to authenticate to the web applications portal.

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  • Maximized flexibility

TSplus Remote Application Server can be accessed directly from any HTML 5-Browser, extending the user’s freedom to work from any device, anytime.

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  • Scalability

Using pre-built VM templates and installation scripts, IT administrators are able to deploy and add new TSplus Application servers, and the TSplus Gateway will scale up the production infrastructure to meet the demands of peak or steadily increasing workloads.

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  • Web-Access from Any Device

Enable seamless web access to applications, data, and desktops from any browser on a desktop or mobile device, anywhere. Keep employees’ productivity high—TSplus HTML5 Client provides the same workspace experience, no matter the device they use.

  • Empowered mobile workforce

TSplus App allows end users to work effectively on Smartphones and tablets while accessing applications, remote desktops, or data. Controlling your published applications and desktops is now made even easier with the use of TSplus App.

  • Mobile printing

Through the outstanding Universal Printer redirection technology of TSplus App, iOS and Android devices can be used to print locally.

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TSplus Remote Desktop Solution

TSplus is available in two major editions: Mobile Web and Enterprise.

While the Mobile Web edition is perfect for stand-alone Windows servers, the Enterprise edition is best suited for large number of users and teams.